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Voyager Left Side View CCD Color Cameras

Product #: VCCSIDL

Working with our multi-camera monitors, the Voyager VCCSIDL Left Side View CCD Color Cameras eliminate blind spots on the left side of the vehicle, providing greater safety and confidence for drivers. Designed for maximum aerodynamics, this camera is easily mounted to any flat surface. NOTE: VCCSIDL Side View Cameras are for the Vehicle's Left Side.

Price: $459.99

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Price: $459.99
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Chrome Housing

Chrome Housing

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Features for the Voyager Left Side View CCD Color Cameras

- Left Side View CCD Color Cameras
- Waterproof
- PAL/NTSC Compatible
- Overall Dimensions: 2" W x 2.19" H x 4.5" D
- Available Camera Housing Colors:
  VCCSIDLCM - Chrome
  VCCSIDLGP - Gray Paintable

Specifications for the Voyager Left Side View CCD Color Cameras

Weight (Lbs)
Overall Dimensions
2" W x 2.19" H x 4.5" D
Camera Type
B&W or Color
Rear or Side
Power System
Viewing Angle (degree)
IR LED Low Light Enhancement
Built-in Microphone
Video Output Signal Format
Sensor (Inches)
Electronic Iris
Image Orientation
Mirror (Reversed)
Impact Resistant Plastic Housing
Machined Aluminum Body

Manuals & Guides for the Voyager Left Side View CCD Color Cameras

Troubleshooting Guides


Our hands on Engineering Research and Development team builds quality into our JENSEN & Voyager products from the beginning by expertly designing each product from the ground up and validating all designs through extensive testing that is primarily conducted in our own on-site test lab. Therefore, JENSEN Audio & Video products and Voyager Camera Systems offer MORE durability and performance than you would expect from standard electronics.

Temperature/Vibration Chamber

Long-Duration product exposure to constant random-frequency operational vibration and non-operational vibration to simulate rugged road conditions. Simultaneous temperature cycle and vibration exposure are also conducted for additional data that is relevant to detecting potential material/component weaknesses and calculating product life-expectancy.

UV/Salt Fog Corrosive Exposure Chamber

Exterior components are subjected to accelerated UV exposure that equates to 5-7 years of actual outdoor exposure to assure you that your electronics will look great for many years.  In addition, product and product components are subjected to dry/wet cycles of highly corrosive fog/mist to test for corrosion resistance and corrosion protection effectiveness.

Electrostatic Discharge

The last thing you need is for your radio to quit due to accidental static shock. That’s why our products go through the extensive Electrostatic Discharge Test on all exposed control areas as well as I/O connections so they can withstand the most severe static build up. Shocking, isn’t it?

High/Low Operating Temperature

Long-Duration product exposure to operational temperature extremes and rapid temperature cycles that are experienced in outdoor mobile applications. In addition we test for High humidity introduced at high-temp to test effectiveness of circuit corrosion protection (conformal coating).

High/Low Storage Temperature

Ensures your JENSEN products will perform even after prolonged periods of storage with no power in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Temperature Cycle

Used to ensure powered components withstand temperature fluctuations.

High-Pressure Spray

Subjects externally mounted products to high pressure water by blasting the product with 13,000 lbs. of water pressure as close as 6 inches to the product. 

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